Our Global

Warming Adventure

by Aaron Wolf Baum, Ph.D.

a techno-shamanistic near-future satire.

Doom, gloom, and driven evidence fuel a near-future satirical hero’s tale.  Written by a physics Ph.D. and former NASA scientist who is also an unusual person:

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The cover of our Doctor's Christmas album.

"...This is farcical vision of a world turned upside-down by climactic instability: a phantasmagoric tour through America as it might be, with a glimpse of a radical, sustainable future..."

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The author, underground.


"'Science fiction' generally features people (or other beings) of great ability, leaping about with fabulous gadgets, ray guns, starships, etc., solving seemingly intractable problems with dazzling cleverness and wit.


This is not one of those stories.  


It is concerned with science, and it is fiction, but this is a story of incompetence, starting with our planetary incompetence in dealing with the atmospheric consequences of global-scale industrialization, originating in the inability of scientists to translate their knowledge into stories people believe.


What stories do people believe?  Heroic ones, of course, starring some version of themselves.


This is one of those stories."